Black Heart

A Bad Night's Sleep . . .

. . . And a Rude Awakening

After defeating Cadmus Zelkan on the roof of his keep, the party had the opportunity to question him. They learned that roughly a hundred years ago, when Cadmus and his wife Alyssa were trying to conceive, that a gypsy by the name of Rendella came to Mistmarsh and offered to aid the couple in their efforts to conceive an heir. The couple readily agreed to receive whatever aid Rendella could offer and were soon please to learn that Alyssa was with child.

Cadmus went on to tell the party though that soon after his son was born, his wife and child left for Lake Lumana. After they left, the situation in town soon became much worse. The sun dimmed and the town drifted into the Shadowfell. Cadmus, became cursed as well as the town and now Cadmus can not leave the confines of his keep. Whenever he attempts to, he is stopped by an unseen force. To make matters worse, Cadmus, like the rest of the townspeople, cannot die. Or rather, he cannot stay dead. The entire town has become cursed by whatever fell ritual was performed by Rendella.

The party rushed to the temple of Ioun in order to hole up for the night before the undead began to run through the streets. The priest at the temple indicated that the town appears to have been cursed for close to 100 years. He believes that the curse can be cured from within town, but is not certain as to how that can be accomplished. What he does know is that none have been able to leave the town since the night the Zelkan heir was born — roughly one hundred years ago. The priest did state that some of the townsfolk who had attempted to leave the town reported running into strange people in the fog who seemed to roam the fog, either searching for something or simply patrolling the townsfolk could not say. Although he suspects that the gypsy Rendella, or Caly as she was apparently referred to by one of her traveling partners, is responsible for the curse, he does not believe that she needs to be killed in order to break the curse. However, it is believed that she is in possession of the Shadow Glass that Carlyse sent the party to retrieve.

After spending the night holed up in the temple, the party awoke to the realization that they too were now curse. The party did not feel as healthy as they had previously and also noted that they did not appear to be as observant as they should be. A tiefling warlord who had recently come to town indicated that it did not seem that the curse would necessarily grow worse but the priest did indicate that some folk struggle with it more than others. Adiah then use his Hand of Fate ritual to try to determine the next, best course of action. The hand seemed confused, pointing to three different location as the next place to go in order to break the curse. These locations were the lighthouse, the clock tower, and the graveyard. The priest had previously informed the party that there seemed to be some powerful necrotic force near the center of the graveyard but that he has never been able to get close enough to it to investigate it further. Additionally he noted that several people over the years had attempted to get to the lighthouse, since the undead seemed to be particularly vulnerable to bright light, but none of the people who had gone have ever returned.

The party set out from the temple with the intention of going to the lighthouse. However, as soon as they stepped out, the landscape flashed and transformed before their eyes. They saw what appeared to be an undead raven — a major insult to the Raven Queen — perched atop the clock tower. Even more curious was the fact that the raven appeared to have three eyes, one of which was humanoid. The party changed course and headed toward the clock tower instead.

Upon reaching the tower, they opened up the doors and found the inside guarded by an assortment of undead, including a wight. Although the wight could sap the strength of those it attacked, the fight did not prove to be overly difficult and the room was soon cleared. Lonys then scouted up the winding stairs — the tower stood over 100 feet tall — and learned that the rest of the tower was empty but for a trap door leading to the roof. Peeking through the trap door, Lonys saw that like the the entryway, the roof was also infested with undead. In addition to the raven, there was also a host of zombies as well as a couple of ghosts.

The party formed a plan and rushed through the trap door. Lonys charged at the raven, his falchion cutting mighty blows into it. Elexara pulled the warlord out from the middle of the host of zombies and placed herself inside. Elana began shooting zombies as fast as she could pull arrows, and Goeban helped Elexara keep the majority of the host off of the rest of the party. The party was worried for a little bit when one of the ghosts was able to dominate Elana, but she was soon able to snap out of it. The raven had a variety of burst attacks and the ability to turn invisible, making it difficult for the party to pin it down. Soon though the party was able to destroy all of the undead, including the raven, without taking too much damage in the process.



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