Black Heart

An Old Friend Rescued

And a Ranger Skinned

As the party recovered from their fight with the blight dragon, they observed a dark portal opening in the sky above the city hall. Looking upon the portal, the party realized that they had to hurry in order to stop the aberrants from bringing forth whatever fell creature they were attempting to summon. The party split up as they attempted to fight through the crowds that were gathering in panic in the streets. Half the party took to the rooftops while the Elexara lead the other half through the streets with sheer force. The party arrived in the government square in time to see a group of foulspawn lead by a foulspawn seer engaged in the summoning ritual.

The party rushed into combat in an effort to disrupt the ritual before it could be completed. While most of the party took to the street in order to bring their power to bear on the foulspawn, Elana remained on the rooftops where she believed she could fire upon her enemies from safety. As a foulspawn hulk seemed poised to pummel Lonys with a massive blow, Elexara teleported the hulk and forced him to pummel the seer instead, disrupting the aberrant’s progress on the ritual. Meanwhile, as Elana peppered the foulspawn with her arrows, a foulspawn skintaker creeped up behind her and took her by surprise on the rooftop. As the skintaker struck Elana, it immediately took on her appearance as well and created a link between the two of them, enabling it to redirect some of the damage it took back to Elana. As Elana attempted to run away from the skintaker, she was felled by the creature, falling unconscious. The party rushed to Elana’s aid, but its ability to redirect damage to Elana kept the slipping in and out of consciousness before the party could finally kill it.

As the party recovered from the battle, a few members of the resistance approached them and offered up some healing, and one of them, Felandis, joined in the party’s pursuit into city hall for the aberrant leaders. When the party searched the city hall, they discovered a hidden door in the basement that had not previously been there when the party had last visited ten years prior. That door lead to a ladder that descended to a new sub-level beneath the building and opened up into a large room. Suspended by some sort of stasis field in the center of the room was Idira Leafdancer, the High Priestess of Erathis who was presumed to have been killed during the aberrant invasion. The party dove into battle but were confronted by a large force of aberrants, including two gricks. Making matters worse, the leader of this group of aberrants had a bond to Idira that caused any damage dealt to him to be shared by Idira. The battle was long and very hard fought, with both Elexara and Lonys falling unconscious at different points in the battle, but together, the party was eventually able to free Idira and kill the remaining aberrants. As the party exited the hall with Idira, they soon saw that Gryphon’s Bluff had been reclaimed, but a large portion of the aberrant forces had managed to escape to their fleet on the docks and head back out to sea.



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