Black Heart

Assaulting the Keep

The party rested briefly before proceeding up the stairs to the second floor of the keep. Arriving on the second level of the keep they were confronted by a host of undead. The undead looked as though they were twisted abominations of former keep guards. Several of these former guards would rise back up after being struck down until they had finally been knocked down three times. Despite the resilient nature of these undead guards, they proved to be only a slight challenge to the party.

As the party was catching its breath following the battle, they were confronted with a vision of the guards they had just defeated. The guards were stationed on duty in the keep prior to being turned undead. As the party watched this vision, a blood curdling scream could be heard throughout the keep and shadows rose up from beneath the guards and seemed to envelop the humans, contorting and twisting them into the undead abominations that the party had just fought.

The party continued on, and approached the throne room of Zelkan Keep. As they entered the antechamber to the throne room the party was greeted with another vision. This time, the vision showed more of the keep guards, only this time they were stationed in the throne room. Also present at this time was the Serpent Lord, who as the scream rang out bit the neck of a female adviser, turning her into a vampire. The rest of the guards were once again corrupted by the shadows and twisted into abominations. As the party thrust open the throne room doors, a figure that appeared to be Lord Cadmus Zelkan was perched upon the throne and begged the party to leave while they still could. He was seen fleeing the throne room through a stairway behind the throne as the undead guards, including one vampire, poured into the ante chamber. This battle was a bit longer but the party still had little difficulty dealing with the undead defenders. The vampire was tough to bring down but was eventually turned to dust and the rest of the undead followed soon after.

The party paused briefly to rest then pursued Cadmus Zelkan up the stairs to the top of the tower of the keep. There, on the roof, the party was confronted with Zelkan, though he had morphed into a devil that was practically alive with fire. Elana began the battle by pumping several arrows into the devil’s hide, and though her strikes were as powerful as they were true, the devil did not seem to be overly phased by the arrows. Instead, it charged at Elana, striking her multiple times and leaving her not only vulnerable to fire, but also burning. The rest of the party rushed to her aid but soon found that this devil, some sort of a cambion was more than a match for the combined efforts of the party. Soon several members of the party were burning, unconscious, or both. Zelkan possessed the ability to toss the party around and leave them planted where they were thrown to. This caused both Goeban and Lonys to be knocked off the tower and fall twenty feet to a perch below the tower. Elexara was left to defend the others as best she could, but even her natural resistance to fire was tested. With both Elana and Adiah unconscious but surprisingly stable, Lonys and Goeban were able to rejoin the fray. Finally, the party was able to strike down the devil, seeing him revert to his human form, and looking surprisingly healthy given the beating he had just endured. The party quickly secured Cadmus, with plans to interrogate him further once they have a chance.



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