Black Heart

Beholders have babies??

After resting up following the battle with the demons, the party prepared to head up the ladder. Before they got to the ladder though, Xandrikyl, the beholder that built the tower, called out a challenge while acknowledging its appreciation for the skills of the party, stating that it hadn’t enjoyed itself so much in a while and stating that the party was far better than the previous groups that had come to the tower.

As the party went up to the 6th floor, they found Xandrikyl in its throne room, along with dozens of tiny beholders that swarmed together. The beholder did not waste time trying to talk to the party and the fight was on quickly. Xandrikyl’s eye stalks sent out shot after shot and soon Lonys and Kildrak were turned to stone. Meanwhile, the baby beholders, which had eerily humanoid features about them, swarmed Elexara and began biting her constantly, while also taking bites out of anyone around them. Elana soon found herself bloodied by the beholder’s rays and Kildrak couldn’t shake his petrification. Things were looking grim as Elana was suffering from the beholder’s death ray as well as bleeding out, Kildrak’s bear had been destroyed, and Kildrak still could not shake the petrification.

Things began to turn around though when Adiah gave Kildrak another chance to shake the petrification and finally the sentinel snapped out of it. With Kildrak back in action, he unloaded his healing arsenal and soon the baby beholders were destroyed — which seemed to particularly anger Xandrikyl who fired three rays into Elana in retaliation. As the party was able to concentrate on Xandrikyl, it was soon bloodied, at which point it became even more dangerous, gaining extra attacks and taking extra actions. Still though, the party refused to yield and soon the beholder had to pull out its last trick and fly up, and through, the roof of the tower and take the fight to the tower’s top.

The fight continued on the rooftop and though the beholder was clearly on its last legs (so to speak), it still proved dangerous. Twice, it came close to pushing Elana off the top of the roof, but both times she was able to grab onto the ledge to avoid going over. Finally, Elexara was able to put the killing blow on the beholder and the party, exhausted, was able to relax. Elexara took the beholder’s eye stalks as trophies while Lonys went to the throne room to check it out. Sitting on the massive throne, Lonys felt the throne resize and reform to fit him perfectly and incredibly comfortably. At the same time, Lonys could feel the tower passing control to him and he was able to mentally disarm the trap on the vault doors as well as unlock them. All in all, the party found the tower had an alchemy lab, a library, and a permanent teleportation circle on the roof. Additionally, Lonys realized that he could magically lock the tower’s door with a simple thought, making the tower a viable base of operations for the party should they desire such a base.

With that, the party slept for several hours and contacted Solara upon waking. It was learned then that the resistance had started its attack on Gryphon’s Bluff but that the the aberrants had been tipped off. The gates were sealed from within and the resistance was struggling to get them open. Solara asked the party to do what they could to help get the gates open and the party decided to use the teleportation circle to teleport into the city, using the same warehouse that they had previously ported into when they first came to the city. Once in the city, the party decided to use the sewers to sneak toward the gate. As they were approaching the gate to the city from beneath, Lonys spotted a patrol in the sewers. With the patrol spotted, and the party still hidden from the patrol, the party prepared an ambush. Only time will tell if the ambush will pay off or not.



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