Black Heart

Moving Foreward

As the party emerged victorious from city hall after rescuing Idira, a hooded and cloaked creature was spotted atop one of the buildings across from city hall. Elexara recognized this creature as being the same one that was seen throughout the scenes in the Plane of Dreams when she was sent there by Solara. The creature appeared to nod to Elexara and then simply fade away.

The party was able to spend the next several days recuperating and discussing the strategy going foreward. It was clear that the aberant forces had been defeated in Gryphon’s Bluff but it was also clear that this was not the end of them. There is still also the matter of the Serpent Lord who may or may not have reformed at his blood cauldron by now and who still poses a threat. As the party was discussing their options, a priest of Ioun approached Goeban and indicated that although he still did not know anything about time travel himself, he had learned of a couple of possible sources of information. The first source was a sage by the name of Carlyse who was last known to reside in Sigil. The second possible source of information was the incunabulum of Glimmer. After weighing all their options, the party decided to travel to Sigil in the hopes of locating both Carlyse and Erathis’ shard of the Dyrnnentine.

Before leaving for Sigil, Lonys stopped by the temple of Erathis and informed one of the priests there that he was done taking orders for the Church and that he would no longer be their killer. Lonys threw down his axes and stormed off after renouncing the Church. Lonys also was able to acquire a new weapon, a falchion with a reddish-brown blade and announced that he will still continue his work, but that he is now working for himself.

The party then used a teleportation circle to travel to Sigil, ending up in the middle of the Market Ward. Adiah soon felt the pull from the Dyrnnentine telling him that the next shard of the artifact appeared to be located somewhere in the Lady’s Ward. Prior to searching for the artifact, the group sought out Carlyse. They were able to find some info on his whereabouts from several individuals and were directed to the Hive, a very rough and tumble district within Sigil. Carlyse was willing to part with the information that he knew about time travel, specifically that time travel required access to the very rare void crystals. He indicated that two crystals were needed for each trip and that they are expended as part of the process. He indicated that he knew of several locations for these crystals, including the town of Mistmarsh, the isle of Vandresca, the city of Glimmer, and the Court of Stars. Finally, he informed the party that if they should travel to Mistmarsh and recover a piece of Shadow Glass there, that they would not only find a void crystal, but that he would also give them one in his possession if they were to return the glass to him.

With Carlyse’s information in hand, the party next sought out the piece of the Dyrnnentine. They were lead straight to the Lady’s Ward and soon the Lady of Pain’s mansion. After being granted an audience with the ruler of Sigil, they learned that she was in possession of Erathis’ shard and that it was a vital part of her Staff. She indicated that the Staff is what enabled her to keep the greater powers, such as gods and demon princes, out of the city. She told the party that she was not willing to part with her shard at the time, but did indicate that she would give the matter some thought.

The party left the Lady’s estate with plans to return after she had been given sufficient time to consider the matter and decided to head to Mistmarsh and look for both the void crystal and the shadow glass. Following Carlyse’s directions, they found a portal to the Shadowfell and crossed through it with their port key in hand. The portal left them about a day’s travel from the city but they were able to reduce the travel time thanks to the Phantom Steed ritual. When the party arrived in Mistmarsh they learned that the undead generally only came out at night, and that they seemed to be particularly vulnerable to bright light. It had also been rumored that the lord, who is believed to be in possession of the shadow glass and the void crystal could also be weakened with bright light. Most of the townspeople were not aligned with the lord, but they were still trapped in the Shadowfell as long as the town was too. The party ultimately decided to take to the sewers in an attempt to enter the keep undetected.

Entering the basement of the keep through the sewers, the party quickly dispatched the few guards that were stationed there. They then proceeded to the main floor of the keep where the encountered much more resistance. There were several human guards, including one spell caster, but more importantly, there were two hill giants guarding the main floor. To make matters worse, the guards summoned additional help in the middle of the fight. This battle was a tough one, with Lonys falling unconscious at one point, but the party’s tactics were sound and soon the guards were defeated. The party had time to catch their breath after the battle, but what awaits upstairs is unknown.



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