Black Heart

Taking It To The Streets

Here there be dragons!

With the patrol spotted, the party prepared an ambush at a crossroads of sorts in the sewers. The patrol consisted of several spiders that were apparently being lead by an aberrant humanoid. Although the spiders were poisonous and fairly mobile, they proved to be fairly easy prey for the party and the patrol was quickly dispatched. After searching the body of the aberrant, as well as a few of the patrol’s prior victims, the party resumed their trek toward the gates of the city.

Reaching the section of the sewers that were nearest the city gate, the party risked a peek up through the sewer and heard the sounds of a large scale battle in the vicinity of the gates. The party quickly climbed up the ladder of the sewer and took some of the defenders by surprise. With most of the aberrant forces set on the walls or just outside the gate, the party was able to take the defenders by surprise. Goeban and Lonys both hurried into a gate house on either side of the gate and worked to raise the gate. With Elexara and Adaiah holding off the defenders outside the gatehouses, and Elana peppering the archers on the city wall, the tide was quickly turned. As the gates opened, the resistance fighters swarmed in through them. Solara located the party inside the gate and thanked them for their assistance.

Though a major hurdle had been cleared, there was still much to do. The aberrant forces were still scattered throughout Gryphon’s Bluff and it was believed that at least a few of the leaders were still holed up in the main hall of the city. Solara gave the party the choice of going after the leaders, or trying to cut off the escape of the aberrant forces at the docks. The party opted to try to cut the head off the snake and set off for city hall. Along the way, the party skirted several pitched battles as the fighting continued throughout the city. Although it appeared as though the resistance had the upper hand, the party soon encountered a more cohesive squad of the aberrant forces. A mind flayer was teamed with several aberrant soldiers and a pair of ghouls, and had just finished off a squad of resistance fighters when the party encountered them.

At first, it seemed as though the fight might again prove easy as Elana began picking off the soldiers on the roofs of the houses. However, the aberrants were soon joined by a blight dragon which fought along side them. The dragon proved fearsome, stunning the party with its roar and letting out a breath that seemed made of both decay and fire. Lonys was able to engage the dragon though and delivered several powerful blows while Elexara subjected it to her defensive magic. Adaiah was able to support the party as well as help finish off the rest of the aberrants while Goeban rushed through a building to get close enough to blast the dragon with his divine power. As the dragon tumbled to the ground, the party let out a sigh of relief, but the fight was only just beginning and the party still needed to continue on to city hall.



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