Black Heart

The Undead Horde

The party took refuge in the top of the lighthouse and took turns keeping watch while everyone rested and recovered from their injuries. As the party rested, night began to fall and the undead once again rose from their graves and ran through town. The party was prepared though and knew that they needed to get to the cemetery; however, Goeban and Elana awoke to the realization that they were not feeling quite as powerful as they did prior to resting. They soon realized that they would not be as effective in combat as they normally would be as the curse affecting the party seemed to have grown worse for them. Adiah began by performing the Hand of Fate ritual to learn that there was nothing significant in the lighthouse that they had missed and that the safest way to get to the cemetery was through the air. Excluding flight, the Hand then told Adiah that the best place to direct the light from the lighthouse would be the cemetery in order to arrive there safely. Adiah next cast water walking on the entire party in case anything should happen as they tried to row to shore. While this was going on, Elana and Lonys fashioned makeshift oars out of some of the furniture on the main floor of the library. Finally, Adiah lit up the cauldron and pointed it at the heart of the cemetery.

As the light focused on the cemetery, a shrieking wail erupted from the center of the graveyard and was followed by a flock of hundreds of birds taking to the air and making their way toward the party. The group raced down the stairs of the lighthouse and rushed to the boats. Goeban and Adiah paddled hard as they guided the boats toward shore but the birds were soon on the party. It was obvious that the birds were making a bee line for Adiah’s boat and it was reasoned that this was because Adiah was in possession of the two eyes that the party had found. Adiah took the eyes out and tossed them to Elana, who caught them and skewered them with a flame burst arrow in one motion. She then fired the arrow off into the mists toward the edge of town. She was unable to see exactly where the arrow landed, but was relieved to see the flock of birds pursue it. She was not able to fire the arrow off though until both she and Adiah had taken a bit of a beating from the birds (or little peckers as she called them).

Goeban and Adiah got the boats to shore and the party hit the ground running as they saw the undead horde moving rapidly toward the lighthouse. The undead were coming from all over town and navigating the streets was anything but easy. Elana took to the rooftops while Lonys tried to spy an opening in the horde. Adiah directed the divine spirit of Erathis into the horde while Goeban tried to navigate the party through the streets. Elexara for the most part simply pushed the party on and bodily shoved a path through the horde. As the party dashed through the streets and then the forest that buffered the town from the cemetery though they could not avoid the undead as they seemed to be around every twist and turn in the party’s path. When the party at last reached the cemetery, they found a large gathering of undead waiting for them and blocking their path. The light from the lighthouse; however, significantly weakened the undead that confronted the party and thus did they fall with a single blow. Still though, their sheer numbers were enough to tap into the party’s resources as several of them found themselves battered by the end of the fight, but at least they could finally catch their breath.

As the party caught their breath, the wailing continued from the center of the graveyard, but the party was also greeted with the apparition of a once beautiful woman who was now missing her eyes and had thick, black ichor dripping from the empty sockets. The party pressed on further into the cemetery and soon encountered another organized band of undead. This one was smaller than the first, but each creature was notably stronger. In particular, one zombie was able to grab Lonys by the head at the start of the encounter and shove him deep into the ground, essentially burying him alive. Despite the early setback, the party proved to be far more capable than the undead that confronted them and soon the entire party was ganging up on the lone remaining zombie.

Hearing the wailing continue, the party continued on toward the center of the cemetery, arriving finally at the Zelkan family crypt, which seemed to be the source of the wailing. As the party arrived; however, the light from the lighthouse suddenly went dim, suggesting that the horde had at last reached its goal. Outside the crypt was another host of skeletons as well as two ghosts. By now, the party had become accustomed to the tactics of the undead horde and the fight was over almost before it began. The party was so successful in fact that they considered heading straight into the crypt, without resting.

Entering the crypt though, the party was soon thankful that they had taken the time for a short rest. Inside the crypt, the party found the Lady Alyssa Zelkan, or at least, what’s left of her. She has turned into a cursed monstrosity that is missing its eyes — though it did not seem to affect her ability to locate the party. Alyssa was not alone though and had a sizeable entourage to protect her, including a large shadow that opened up the fight by inflicting a powerful attack upon Lonys that also caused him to suffer continuing necrotic damage. Alyssa herself also exuded a cold and necrotic aura around herself and had a powerful area attack that could create another zone of necrotic energy. The remaining creatures proved to be much less dangerous, but their numbers were enough to force the party to use most of the tricks in their bag in order to get through the battle. Even so, when Alyssa was finally defeated, Adiah was unconscious and most of the rest of the party was battered as well.

With Alyssa’s defeat, the party opened up her casket and found her body which was remarkably well preserved but for her missing eyes. As they gazed upon the eyeless corpse, an evil cackle wafted through the air. The source could not be located, but it definitely sounded as though it came from an elderly woman.



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