Lord Cadmus Zelkan

Cursed Lord


Lord Cadmus Zaspar is the current, and now long-time, ruler of Mistmarsh, a city originally located near Lake Lumana, but which has fallen into the Shadowfell. Cadmus is the last of his line, a family that had ruled Mistmarsh for centuries. Like his predecessors, he was regarded as a benevolent leader but when he and his wife, Alyssa, were unable to produce an heir, the pressures of the position — and his failure to procreate — made him and his wife desperate.

A gypsy woman eventually came to Mistmarsh and sought an audience with Cadmus, claiming that she cure his problem. She stayed in the keep all night and when she left the next day she appeared much older. Little is known of what happened that night, but what is known is that Alyssa became pregnant. When she went into labor something went terribly wrong and a piercing shriek filled the ears of everyone in town. Just as the city became cursed, so too did Cadmus. He was transformed into a cambion and forced to fight against his inherently benevolent nature. To make matters worse for Cadmus, he does not appear to be able to be destroyed in battle. He can be defeated to be sure, but every night he simply rises again, much like the rest of the town.

Lord Cadmus Zelkan

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