Human sage


Carlyse is an elderly sage living in the city of Sigil. He is not exactly a recluse; however, he spends most of his time within his residence. He has taken a keen interest in studying the nature of time travel and the effects that time travel can have on history. Other than the incunabula of the Shadowdark city of Glimmer, Carlyse is the foremost authority on time travel.

Recently, the party contacted Carlyse in an effort to learn more about time travel and time machines in the hopes of either traveling back in time to fix the past themselves, or at the very least, preventing the Serpent Lord from traveling through time. Carlyse informed the party that they needed two void crystals for each trip through time and pointed out several known locations of void crystals, including the city of Mistmarsh, the island of Vandresca, Glimmer, as well as the Court of Stars.


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