Goblin Survivor


Chesty was perfectly content to live out his life as a lowly goblin archer. When his tribe was attacked by a pair of religious fanatics; however, Chesty was the lone survivor. The paladin of Bahamut and the avenger of Erathis stuffed Chesty into a treasure chest so that they could rest up. The next morning, Chesty was released by the two and told he was free to go, but that he must abandon the ways of his tribe. Since that time, Chesty has taken their warnings to heart and considers Lonys a true friend, though he misses the paladin who fell to the undead horde in Ravenswood.

In the years since his reformation, Chesty has turned his life around and now owns and operates a successful general goods store in Gryphon’s Bluff. Chesty has also proved to be quite valuable to the resistance since the aberrant occupation began. His store is a primary meeting place for high level members of the resistance and Chesty is quite adept at obtaining valuable goods and arms for the resistance.


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