Gareth Ham Hands

Half Orc leader of Gareth's Hollow


Gareth is a massive half orc standing seven and a half feet tall who is the leader of the relatively rag-tag community of Gareth’s Hollow. Gareth used his force of personality as much as his force of arms to unite the “lesser races” in the Underdark region that is comprised of the former city of Dorsten. Gareth was given leadership of the community, and the people chose to name it after him, after he led the rebellion that allowed them to cast off the chains of their illithid masters and carve their own little niche out of the Underdark. Gareth would later lead a foray again the drow of House Vrinn to free more slaves and bring them into the Hollow.

Gareth trains his people relentlessly in the ways of warfare, knowing all too well that at any moment the dangers of the Underdark could come to claim the Hollow. While he is a strict taskmaster when it comes to defending the community, he is also very kind by all accounts and this kindness as much as anything has convinced the people of Gareth’s Hollow to continue to follow his leadership.

Gareth Ham Hands

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