Matron Haelra Vrinn

Drow Priestess


Matron Haelra Vrinn is a drow priestess and the Matron Mother of House Vrinn. House Vrinn was on the front lines against the dwarves of Dorsten during the Race Wars. When Dorsten disappeared during the Race Wars, House Vrinn, along with several other houses was pulled into the Underdark by Torog as well. House Vrinn was among the more powerful houses following the fall of Dorsten into the Underdark and so became among the leaders of the new city of Veldrinshar that was built after the war.

House Vrinn though would soon find itself at odds with the rest of Veldrinshar. House Vrinn turned away from Lloth following the Race Wars and instead began to worship Bane. Vrinn believed that Lloth had let them down during the Race Wars and so turned to what they viewed as a more powerful deity. Vrinn’s blasphemy, not surprisingly, was not well received by the rest of Veldrinshar and soon House Vrinn was on the run from the rest of the drow.

Under Matron Haelra’s leadership, Vrinn was able to secure a foothold in the Underdark and defend itself against the rest of Veldrinshar. Haelra has slowly been expanding the house’s power over the last several decades and many fear that she may be preparing for something far more sinister.

Matron Haelra Vrinn

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