Serpent Lord


Little is known of the one who calls himself the Serpent Lord. The name Serpent Lord was used by a relatively minor noble who died nearly a hundred years ago and was interred in a tomb in the Ravenswood cemetery. When a band of adventurers searched his tomb recently however, they discovered that his coffin was empty and appeared to have been so for some time.

What is known is that the one who calls himself the Serpent Lord has been attempting to break the seals that lock away the heart of Haemnaethuun. He has been utterly brutal in his tactics, attacking entire communities, kidnapping children, and even stealing the life force from an elven child. Whether his goal is to use the Heart as a weapon or to resurrect Haemnaethuun is not entirely clear.

It has been learned that the Serpent Lord was once allied with the One Who Hears but that alliance appears broken at this time. When a band of adventurers traveled to Ashenport in search of Pelor’s shard of the Dyrrnentine, they discovered that not only were the two no longer allied, but that they were in active opposition to each other. A vampire revealed himself to this group and claimed to be the Serpent Lord. Although the vampire was struck down, it is believed that he may yet live as his blood cauldron has yet to be discovered, much less destroyed.

Serpent Lord

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