Deva Sage


Solara is a female deva residing in the town of Ravenswood. Although she is by right, entitled to head the town council as the oldest resident of the town, she has rarely shown much, if any, interest in such affairs. Her exact age is unknown but most believe that she is considerably older than she appears and perhaps even older than should be possible, even for a Deva.

What is known is that Solara is a prominent member of the White Lotus Academy, an organization that proclaims to be devoted to the research of the arcane arts and the training of wielders of the arcane. However, Solara’s interest in the academy goes deeper than that. She almost certainly knows more about the academy than just about anyone. Many suspect that there is another purpose altogether for the Academy.

When the Seals began to break, Solara became a key figure and advisor in the fight to preserve their integrity. She provided both knowledge and direct aid to the heroes attempting to thwart those who would break the Seals and was soon a central figure in the politics of the Roan Valley much to everyone’s surprise. When the abberrant invasion began, she became a leading figure in the resistance.


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