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    [[Dyrnnentine]] [[Heart of Haemnaethuun]] [[Implements of Beriah Nadil]] [[Koronaliss]]

  • Dyrnnentine

    During the [[Dawn War]], a powerful primordial named [[Haemnaethuun]] wreaked havoc upon the gods and their forces. Several gods attempted to destroy Haemnaethuun only to perish while barely harming the primordial. As things began to look bleak for the …

  • Heart of Haemnaethuun

    During the [[Dawn War]] Haemnaethuun was among the most powerful of the primordials feuding with the gods. Many suspect that had it not been for Haemnaethuun, the Dawn War would have been a fairly quick and easy victory for the gods. Numerous gods …

  • Koronaliss

    Koronaliss is a legendary falchion of the Church of Erathis. Over the years, Koronaliss has been bestowed upon the most proven of Erathis' paladins and avengers. It is seen as a mark of honor to be given the blade with its jagged edge. Those who have …