Tag: Resistance


  • Laren Shadowheart

    Laren Shadowheart is a member of the [[Lost Ones]], and is a particularly adept information broker. As adept as he is at acquiring information valuable to others, he is even more adept at protecting information about himself.

  • Branwin Barrelhelm

    Branwin joined the church of Erathis at an early age after being orphaned when his clan was attacked by a tribe of orcs. Since that time Branwin has dedicated himself to Erathis and has enjoyed a rapid ascent through the ranks of the church. Currently, …

  • Chesty

    Chesty was perfectly content to live out his life as a lowly goblin archer. When his tribe was attacked by a pair of religious fanatics; however, Chesty was the lone survivor. The paladin of Bahamut and the avenger of Erathis stuffed Chesty into a …