The tiefling nation of Ranath was formed from the remnants of Bael Turath following the Shadegate War. Although the tiefling nation had started out on the large archipelago they call home today, the empire of Bael Turath became quite adept at sailing and soon was able to expand their sphere of influence. Despite their somewhat demonic appearance; however, the tieflings seemed content to remain merchants and to merely trade with, rather than conquer, the people they met.

However, when the first merchants of Bael Turath encountered the dragonborn of Arkhosia, tempers soon flared. The Arkhosians saw the tieflings as a threat to Arkhosia’s imperialistic plans and soon attacked. Although the tieflings had shown little inclination toward violence prior to their encounters with Bael Turath, they fought back with a vengeance and soon the two nations were entrenched in a war that would destroy them both.

Following the Shadegate War, both Bael Turath and Arkhosia were crippled. Their governments collapsed and their spheres of influences shrunk. The tieflings stitched their society back together and formed a new nation, Ranath, named for the philosopher who helped to lead the nation back from the brink. For two centuries, the tieflings concentrated on rebuilding their cities and fortifying the sea routes between their islands. Once their homeland was again secure, and their cities rebuilt, Ranath again started to open up their trade routes with neighboring nations.

Unfortunately, this would soon lead to another attack from the dragonborn, and their new nation of Tychea. The fallout from that attack was devastating and soon nearly all of Kitara was embroiled in the Race Wars. Following their victory in the Race Wars, the tieflings remained in somewhat close contact with their allies. Though they are not common in Kalamora, they are always welcomed whenever they appear. While the tieflings still seem to be content to lead a merchant lifestyle, none will dispute that their navy is the finest in Kitara and all agree that when the next major conflict erupts, Ranath may well be the force that pushes victory to one side or the other.


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