The dragonborn empire of Tychea is a highly imperialistic nation built from the ruins of Arkhosia following the Shadegate War. Imbued with much of the pride that their draconic cousins possess, Tycheans generally believe that other races and nations merely exist to serve their needs. This attitude has enabled Tychea to conquer almost all of the continent of Merosia. In fact, Tychea has been largely been unopposed on Merosia for close to one thousand years.

Tychea has been content to merely rule Merosia though. Throughout the centuries, Tychea has been steadfast in its pursuit of conquest. As is to be expected, Tychea’s imperialist goals have lead to numerous wars over the centuries, with varying degrees of success. One of Tychea’s earliest attempts at conquest was when they attempted to seize the island of Vandresca. That expedition resulted in all but one of the would be settlers being killed. Tychea learned from that expedition though and soon their influence and territory grew. Ultimately, this would eventually lead them back into conflict with the tieflings of Ranath, sparking the Race Wars.

The Race Wars ended badly for Tychea, and as such, they have spent much of the last five hundred years consolidating their power and resources on Merosia. They are still largely reviled wherever they travel, but they are also feared for none can deny the might that Tychea can bring to the battlefield. Their defeat in the Race Wars has also left Tycheans with a profound sense of paranoia, and they live in constant suspicion that the members of the Aleatian Alliance will attempt to conquer Tychea once and for all. As such, Tychea has slowly been building up their military over the last century and it is rumored that they have sent spies to Kalamora in an attempt to uncover the secrets of the planned invasion — as well as discover the weaknesses of the Kalamoran nations.

The exact nature of Tychea’s plans are hard to uncover for the nation has taken extreme measures to protect itself. Non-dragonborn in Tychea are little more than slaves in Merosia, and even dragonborn must develop a long standing relationship with other dragonborn in order to be considered even remotely trustworthy. This level of paranoia has made it difficult for any spies from Kalamora to gain any useful information, for even the dragonborn from Kalamora, who despise Tychea, find it difficult at best to make any headway into even the lowest levels of Tychean government. Most in Kalamora suspect though that it is only a matter of time before Tychea strikes again.


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