Idira Leafdancer

High Priestess of Erathis


Idira Leafdancer is a devoted priestess of Erathis. Growing up in the elven nation of Lagoniel she always felt out of place in the forest. When she was old enough, she left her homeland and made her way to Gryphon’s Bluff where she entered into the priesthood of Erathis. Her dedication would pay off as she enjoyed a swift ascent through the ranks of the priesthood, ultimately being named High Priestess.

As High Priestess, Idira used her position as head of the largest church in Gryphon’s Bluff to steer the city council in the directions she preferred. Although she took no formal role in the city government it was widely believed that very little was ever done without her prior approval. When the church of Lumana siezed control of the Luminaria, there were many who wondered if Idira would accept their authority. Although relations with the capital city cooled considerably, Idira, and by extension Gryphon’s Bluff, remained carefully neutral in the conflict and has at no time explicitly challenged the authority of the new government. Some believe she is simply biding her time and consolidating her power before making a move while others feel she is simply following the tenets of Erathis and fears the chaos that could ensue from open conflict. Regardless of her reasoning, she is still not without her enemies as was shown during the assassination attempt orchestrated by Heinrich Marsteen.

When the aberrants serving the One Who Hears invaded the Roan Valley, Idira went missing during the early fighting and she is believed to have died. Graben Cartwright ascended to High Priest after she was deemed to have died.

Idira Leafdancer

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