The dwarven nation of Dorsten represented the height of dwarven civilization in Kalamora. Dorsten, at its peak, was a driving force throughout the continent. The nation’s craftsmen were unparalleled and its military was second to none. Had the nation been bent on conquest, only the elves and eladrin could have hoped to put up much of a fight. Fortunately for the rest of Kalamora though, the dwarves never had a desire to expand, only to mine deeper into the Sorrowhorn Peaks, and to hone their craftsmanship. Many a city in Kalamora bears the signs of Dorsten as the dwarves were always willing and eager to ply their craft for their neighbors. Even a few cities in Poldroth were the recipients of Dorsten’s skills during times of relative peace.

During the Race Wars Dorsten found itself fighting a two front war in the Sorrowhorns. On the one front were the giants and orcs of the Roan Valley while on the other were the various drow armies of the underdark. It is widely believed that any other nation in that position would have fallen quickly; however, the dwarves would not be deterred. While the two fronts made it difficult (though not impossible) to aid their allies in the Wars, the dwarves were still able to hold the line for several years. That changed when during the height of the Race Wars, the nation, including the magnificient citadel in the heart of the Peaks, disappeared overnight. Luckily for the rest of the Roan Valley, and Kalamora for that matter, the enemies of the dwarves also disappeared at the same time.

In the 500 years since the disappearance of Dorsten, there has been much speculation as to the cause of the nation’s disappearance. Some believe that dwarven priests invoked too much of their gods’ magic. Others believe that Lloth grew weary of her children’s inability to defeat the dwarves and thus transported everyone, drow and non-drow alike, to the Demonweb Pits. Still others believe that the orcish and giantish shamans caused the calamity through the misuse of their magic. What all can agree upon though is that no sign of the nation has been found since, and no evidence as to the exact cause of the disappearance has ever surfaced.

Every few years some ambitious adventurers set off in search of the lost nation of Dorsten, and the treasures that undoubtedly lie within. Most are never heard from again and the few who do return come home empty handed, though that rarely deters others. Travelers in the area still report hearing the great horn that adorned the top of the citadel blaring sorrowfully in the night.


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